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Outa The Clozet™ cards are shipped in bagged sets of (16) "All Occasion Cards" or (12) "Holidays Cards" sets.
If you have an idea for a card, send it to us at:
If we like it and we publish it, we will send you a 12 month supply of Outa The Clozet cards® for your personal use!
About Us (Outa The Clozet™)
Outa The Clozet™ is a creation by local artists Scott Bailey & Jill White. Scott has been creating cartoons and artwork for over 35 years. He
has had cartoons published in California, Arizona and most recently in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a unique style of cartooning and
with their imagination, they can make a cartoon come to life with a real photo background, taken by his partner Jill. The combination
of the two, make these cards truly a custom work of art. These greeting cards are now available for you and the gay folks "in your life".

Whether you are straight or gay, these cards will make your day! We have packaged these cards in a beautiful Organza Bag
in two sets of Twelve. One set "All Occasion" and one set "Holidays". This way, you have all of the cards you will need to get
through an entire year without having to run out to the store at the last minute. Just head to your closet, pull out your bag and grab the
card you need.

Senario: You need a wedding card for a "same sex wedding". How difficult would it be to locate a card that Is acceptable?
That's where we come in. Outa The Clozet™ offers a card for any Occasion or any Holiday
and beats buying an "off the rack card", scratching out words and writing in your own
sharpie remarks.

Check out our selection of Outa The Clozet™ cards for "Holidays" and "All Occasions" for Boyz and Girlz today!
We hope you enjoy them and your feedback is always welcomed!

Jill and Scott
Outa The Clozet™